WashU Student Internships
Move-Out 2024

Are you a current WashU student interested in real, hands-on experience running a business? If so, our flexible internship is the perfect opportunity for you. At UTrucking, you will work closely with a team of other students to ensure a smooth moving experience for your peers. You will also join a professional network of former managers who have gone on to found countless private and publicly-traded companies, including College Boxes, OpenDoor, and others.

Logistics Manager (paid full time, early May - mid June)

Lead a team of student movers to confidently perform pickups with excellence by

  • Building pickup schedules
  • Assigning student movers
  • Confirming items are correctly picked up
  • Ensuring trucks are properly packed
  • Safely sorting orders at facility

Business Manager (paid full time, early May - mid June)

Champion the customer experience, upholding our standard of quality and transparency by

  • Responding to customer questions and requests
  • Organizing time-sensitive daily operations
  • Safely sorting orders at facility
  • Creating pickup invoices
  • Auditing customer billing

Marketing Manager (paid part time, Now - early May)

Inspire community-focused initiatives to spread goodwill throughout campus by

  • Organizing events on the South 40
  • Coordinating promotional giveaways
  • Revamping UTrucking’s social media presence

If you are unable to commit to the full time aspect of our internships, but are still interested in some of the responsibilities listed above, we have plenty of opportunities for you. Please fill out the “Student Mover Job Application” and work with us for as many days as you’d like . Feel free to reach us at (314) 266-8878 or with any questions.