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Let us take the stress out of shipping! Whatever your situation may be, use UTrucking to ship any boxed or bagged items to the front door of your home. Please note our Home Shipping service serves all addresses within the continental US and replaces our discontinued East Coast Home Delivery service.

How to Sign Up

  1. Packing Supplies: Choose how many UTrucking kits you would like (each kit includes 5 boxes, tape, and bubble wrap). We deliver your kit to your door at least five days in advance of your pickup date. The first kit is included with registration; each additional kit is $30. Unused packing supplies can always be returned at pickup for a full refund.
  2. Secure your spot: Add this service to cart and proceed to checkout, where you will be able to secure a spot by selecting a pickup date, time, and address. There is no need to tell us how many items you will be shipping beforehand.
  3. Let us handle the rest! We come right to your dorm room or off-campus apartment and pick up your items right from your door. Your items will be shipped via UPS to your doorstep within 2-5 days of pickup.

*Students commonly sign up for our Summer Storage service in addition to Home Shipping. This is because they have items to ship but also would like to store items. If this is you, please sign up for both services, and we will pick up all of your items at the same time.

Our Service Is Second to None

  1. Packing supplies delivered to your door
  2. Pickup right from your dorm room or apartment*
  3. Shipping via UPS to the front door of your home

    Ship Affordably

    Shipping is priced per item, so you only pay for what you ship. Please note only boxed or bagged items are eligible for shipping due to carrier restrictions. No need to let us know how many items you plan to ship beforehand, as all of your items will be invoiced at the time of pick up. 

    The $49 registration fee secures your pickup slot and includes delivery of our UTrucking kit (5 boxes, tape, and bubble wrap). Our shipping rate is $95 per box/bag. A $25 fee will be applied to any unboxed items.

    For shipping internationally and outside of the continental United States, please contact us at info@utrucking.com.

      *Late Access

      For students currently living in WashU housing including off-campus WashU housing (Lofts, Greenway, UDrive) all pickups will be done Late Access.

      Learn more about Late Access here.